Friday, June 14, 2013

Week 2!

Hello from the happiest place on earth!
This was quite the week and I have so much to tell you! (when do I not, right?)
On Sunday nights, after our awesome devotionals we have options of watching a church movie or an old talk from some apostle super hero. Last week we decided to watch "Legacy". So apparently this is like a comedy to entertainment-deprived missionaries. It was awesome and spiritual too but the first time that the main girl Eliza ran and hugged her fiance,I freaked out in my brain.
"Oh my gosh!! What is she doing! They can't HUG!"
Then I rememebered that they weren't missionaries and most people aren't limited to a 2-pump handshake. Ha.
Why they show this movie in the MTC, I don't know. THEY KISSED 7 TIMES. 7. All we can do is shake hands and they're showing us a movie where people kiss.
We were watching the movie in a big auditorium with like 1500 other missionaries. When they kissed, everyone FREAKED out. Then we all just died of laughter because where else in the world would a bunch of 20 year old kids react that way to pioneers smooching? No where.  I love the MTC.
Here's the next crazy item of business. Yesterday an un-named Elder in my district ate a sandwich. That's not the crazy part, the crazy part is that he ate a turkey sandwich with bbq chips, a cookie in the middle of it all smothered in fry sauce. He loved it and I almost threw up. I told him that I was so proud of his disgusting-ness that I would tell the world about it in my email. Done.
Last funny story: One of our investigators (it's actually our teacher Brother Porter in an intense role play but he's portraying one of his investigators) in named Antonio. He's baptist and from Brazil and speaks no English. He's very friendly and we taught him a rockin first lesson in our limited Portuguese ( Thanks, Heavenly Father!). We finished up and were all kneeling down to pray after the lesson. My cute little companion said the prayer and about half way through Antonio just shouted out
"AMEN DEUS!" which would be like soemone yelling out "Thank you Jesus!"
She had no idea what was going on and so she just kind of stopped her prayer and insert "Amen....deus?...."
In english it went something like
 "and we thank thee for thy son Jesus Christ.........ummmmmmm thank you Jesus....."
I have NO idea how my teacher portraying Antonio didn't bust up into laughter.
He was a drunk investigator for the elders in our district that taught next. I guess we got off easy
I had so many incredible spiritual experiences this week.
Our branch president challenged us to read the Book of Mormon before we leave the MTC. (Can you believe I'm already half way done with my time here??) I have loved reading it again! I have really learned what it means to feast upon the scriptures. I'm halfway through Alma and I can't put it down! Reading is honestly my favorite part of the day. I've heard and read these stories all of my life but I'm finding all of these principles that I have never even thought of!
As a district we'll sometimes have scripture study together. We each take a turn reading a verse and after everyone reads a verse we stop and talk about all of the things we learned in those verses. It's amazing how much more we get out of our scripture study when we look for principle and main ideas. I know that every book, chapter and verse in the Book of Mormon are there for a reason. I want to challenge you, my cute little family to try doing family scripture sttud this way this week. Stop every 5 verses and talk about what you've learned, highlight things you want to remeber and write down impressions that you have.
I have such a testimony that the Book of Mormon is divine and of god. I know that it was written for our day and the challenges that we face today.
 My teacher Brother Porter said: This book can change all lives and has all the answers becuase it is the words of the only one who can change all lives and has all the answers.
I love that.
Next cool item of business, This one is big. I hope you're still reading. On June 23 there will be a world wide leadership training that you ALL need to watch. The entire 1st presidency is going to be there and all those cool people. We've been told that this broadcast is going to revolutionize missionary work. Isn't that exciting! I've heard rumors of some pretty cool, cool stuff but I won't pass them on since I'm not sure if they're true. Last time they had this big of a worldwide leadership broadcast, they announced Preach My Gospel.... so ya.
 Also, I'm going to be in the choir, so watch it:)
OK I really need to go. But let's talk about my knee really quick. Next Monday I will be having surgery. Yuck, right?? As nervous as I am, I am infinitely more gratfeul that I don't ahve to be sent home and that I can take care of this before I get to Brazil. This has been one of the biggest trials in my life and I've had a few rough days this week. Even still it has also turned out to be one of the greatest blessing. I have learned to love and appreciate the people around me. It has also helped me realize that every second of my mission is so precious and sacred! A few days ago, I thought that it might be my last week as a missionary.  I was able to kind of "live like I was dying" and make the most out of every second. This is truly the Lord's time and there isn't a moment to lose.
As far as the surgery goes, it will all be orthoscopic which is so nice. The Dr. said the recovery of my knee will be relatively fast and that I'll be able to leave the MTC on my original date. The whole thing is just a big ball of tender mercies. I'm so grateful HF is in charge. He sure knows what he's doing.
This will be my 4th time having this surgery. Can you believe that? I know I'm going to puking my guts out for about a week but at least my knee will be fine:)
Ok gotta run!
I love you all SO MUCH! more than words can even express! Thank you for the love and letters and packages! Every single one does so much good!
Amo Voces! (but with accents on the letters that I can't do on this computer)
Sister Brown


(there were more pictures, but they weren't functioning! they'll be here next week)


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