Friday, September 13, 2013

Brazil--- week 3

Hello, hello!
So sad about my poor little puppy Ginger. I was slightly last week after hearing the news but that night as I was falling asleep I had this flood of memories of picking her up when she was a puppy, and going on runs with her, and camping and crying and cuddling with her at night after a hard day. I just laid in my hammock and silently sobbed for a good 20 minutes.
Sadness. But anyway I´m running short on time like always so let´s get started.

This week was awesome!! We had 2 baptisms- my very first! Both baptisms were young men and all of our investigators with baptism dates are between the ages of 12-18. They are incredible and our ward is amazing at fellowshipping!! I truly feel like we´re building the army of Helaman. The baptism on Sunday was our dear Lucas who we meet only the street 1 1/2 before. He was SO prepared!! He told us that he had been looking for someone to teach him religion the day we met him. He´s already in the middle of 2 Nephi and LOVES the church. He´s the greatest. So sweet and humble. 
At the beginning of this week we had a big problem with His mom. She hadn´t ever been there when were teaching and was SUPER annoyed with us (totally our fault). I turned on my schmoozing salesgirl charm on hard core throughout the week and totally worked it. It´s a little harder in Portuguese but I left her notes everyday in broken baby portuguese that we met with him. When me met with her again at the end of the week she was a different person. She was excited to see us and talk with me! My horrible portuguese totally softened her heart and she let Lucas be baptized. 
At the beginning of the week I was feeling so frustrated and like I was wasting the Lord´s time because I can´t communicate well with people. I learned this week first hand what Elder Holland taught last conference. The Lord only HAS imperfect people to work with! Because I was willing and trying the Lord was able to use my extreme weaknesses this week to soften many hearts that fluent Portuguese speakers might not be able to. I know that if we are willing and humble that the Lord can and will use us in spite of our weaknesses and like Ether teaches, our weak things will become strong. What an amazing principle!! 

My other highlite from this week is adorable. Our area is so humble in spirit and physical ammenities. We have a family we´re teaching in a very humble area. Whenever we visit there is a group of little giggling brazilian girlies. They are my favorite. There´s about 10 of them all from 7-10 years old. They are so excited to see me when we visit. I think it´s mostly because they think my broken portuguese is hilarious. This week we were waiting outside the house of our investigators for 10ish minutes. The girl gang ran over, anxious to learn their english phrase of the day. I would say something in English and then they would try and we would all burst into laughter and giggle fits. I taught them how to say ``Good Bye`` and ``I am BEAUTIFUL!``. It was one of the happiest moments of week.

I think I´m going to start having a section of my email called `What broke in our house this week`

This week our toilet stopped flushing. Yuck. Then we poured straight acid in in it and the next day it worked. 
The light in our other bathroom burst into flames when we turned it on this week and fell to the floor like a fire-y comet.
We have no water in this bathroom but still use it anyway. Buckets are great.
Our kitchen sink...fell. It just came unglued and fell into the cabinets. Our last rolls of toilet paper got drenched so we´ve been using paper-paper for toilet paper. Woo
We only ever have freezing cold showers which actually is a blessing
We still needed to do our dishes but had no dish soap. We proceeded to wash our dishes in our laundry sink with laundry soap.

I LOVE BRAZIL. This isn´t even sarcastic because I really do. The people here are amazing! They are so receptive and so loving. I am loving my time as a missionary. I´m learning so much about the gospel, and life and relationships and life. What a blessing this time is! I wouldn´t trade it for anything. I love Brazil, I love being a missionary and I love this Gospel of perfect good news. 

Hugs and love and kisses from Brazil,

Sister Brown

I took a bunch of pictures but I have no way to send them on this computer this week! Next week!

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