Monday, October 7, 2013

Gardens & Mangos & Roosters

 (week 7)
Holy wow. This was a week of miracles and large blessings!
I have I think 5 minutes Woof.
First things first. I love my companion with all my heart! Her name is Sister Ferreyra and she´s from Argentina. She´s 20 years old and has 5 older brothers- all of whom are RMs. She has so much faith, an incredible personality and testimony and no fear. She came straight from the São Paulo CTM so we have exactly the same amount of time in Brazil. She´s teaching my Portuguese and I´m teaching her about missionary work. We are working our tails off and seeing great results! 
This week was a little crazy because we only really had 1 normal day. We had transfers, meetings, moved houses and conference. We started the week by writing out our expectations of each other and this transfer. We are so unified in our desires to be exactly obedient, work hard and baptize. This truly is going to be an amazing transfer! 
We are also living with another companionship. They are the newly called Sister Training Leaders for our mission and the greatest women on earth. Our new house is ridiculous. It is HUGE and so fancy. We have our own garden complete with a mango tree and flower bushes and everything is just perfect. I didn´t even know it was possible for missionaries to live in such a fancy house. The only downside is that we have a neighbor who owns the most annoying rooster in the world. The other downside is that we´re kind of living in a dangerous area .....but we have the Lord, angels to protect us and 7 gates and locks to enter our house. We might end up having to move again but for now we´re living in Brazilian luxury...with a rooster that I want to kill.
At the beginning of this week, we split our area. We started this week with only 1 person on date to be baptized and not many investigators. We worked our very hardest and expected miracles. In our first 4 days of work we met 4 new investigators and marked baptismal dates for all of them. The Lord is SO good to us! We also have an adorable 11 year old boy that will be baptized this Sunday. We are seeing miracles! 
I have no more time, but man, wasn´t conference wonderful!! This was another miracle because, in all honesty I didn´t understand tons of what they were saying but the spirit was so strong. The music was incredible and brought me to tears. During the last song I just cried. I didn´t want it to be over! I love the gospel, I love our Prophet, I love Jesus Christ and I am SO in love with this work! Thank you for the prayers this week! I could really really feel them! 

Hugs and love and happiness from Brazil,

Sister Brown

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