Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 3rd, 2014

Ok. I´m just dying of happiness!! Today we had transfers and I got to see all of the Sisters who I just love so much. One of them was Sister Fernelius who served with me in Rodolfo Teófilo, my first area. We lived in the same house together and the four of us who lived there will always refer to it as the Celestial Transfer.
 We had the transfer meeting this morning and got a little bit of training. Then, at the end they announced the new companions. I´m staying here in Conjunto Ceará and my new companion is SISTER FERNELIUS!
She is a gem. I completely love her. She´s 20 from Pennsylvania and was studying math at BYU before her mission. She is ridiculously funny and I love her to pieces. She´s a fabulous missionary and has been a STL almost all of her mission. I´m going to learn SO much with her and I can´t wait!
I loved being companions with Sister McBride. We worked our tails off and saw miracles. It´s amazing to see the work of the Lord unfolding. Sometimes I forget how super insignificant I am. Sometimes I get so focused on everything I have to do and what we have planned for the rest of the day and who we´re going to talk to and if we´re acheiving (Sister Fernelius and I just sat here for 2 minutes trying to remember how to translate that word haha) our goals that I forget that this work is so much bigger than any of that. This work is about changing lives and generations, helping families to know that they can be together forever, inviting people to accept true happiness that can only come through Jesus Christ. I as a missionary play such a small role. I´m just here to invite people to act for themselves. I love this small role that I have! I love inviting people to come unto christ! I love being able to use every talent that HF has given me to bring souls to him. This work is incredible. The Lord is preparing people to receive his gospel and I get to invite them in.
Invite someone. Invite someone to partake in this happiness that we have so much of. People don´t know what they´re missing but you do! Invite the in! I love what President Holland said about inviting:

"An invitation that is born of our love for others and for the Lord Jesus Christ and our desire for the happiness of these friends and family members will never be seen as offensive or judgmental."
Leave your fear aside and let your love take over.
For myself I´m going to focus on inviting with love and want to INVITE you to do the same.
I love you all! I´m so overwhelmed with the love and support that I´m receiving. I can´t believe that my mission is almost 1/2 way over. I want to make every second count.
Sister Brown

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