Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 27, 2014

Wow! To start off I just wanted to announce that my computer mouse is literally moving by itself because of the bugs running around on my table. Yay Brasil!!!
This week was lovely!! Sister McBride and I worked our little tails off! Last night after a week jam packed of work, we were exhausted. I didn´t know it was possible to be this tired. We finished the week with 45 taught lessons and more than half of which were taught with members. This was all the Lord!! Thankfully today is Pday- such an inspired day.
This week was a week of miracles. We found a new family to teach- Rebecca and Wellington. They are so golden! We were teaching the Restoration to them and we were talkinf about the first vision. We talked about how Jesus Christ appeared and gave an answer to Joseph to his question. I asked her if she remembered what was Joseph´s question and instead of giving me an answer she just shook her hands and her eyes got big and she jumped to the front of her seat and anxiously said "Which IS IT? What church is TRUE????" She has so much thirst for the gospel! We marked a baptism date for them that night.
I love being a missionary!
We were so blessed and helped 2 people to be baptized this week. One of them is Matheus. He´s 9 years old and in 9 more years is going to be a stellar missionary! He was so excited to be baptized that he couldn´t sleep the night before his baptism and was soooo tired the next day. He´s a gem.
The other baptism was Aline. She´s 31 and moved into out area the end of last week. The Elders close by had been teaching her but she had stopped progressing. Sister McBride and I prayed and really felt that she needed to be baptized that coming Saturday. After a series of miracles, she was baptized on Saturday which happened to be her birthday! That night she found out when she got home that because of a family emergency she would have to move interior (like the middle of no where) for 3 months! They had to leave the next morning at 4! There was no way that she could be confirmed. We were devestated. We got home almost crying. We prayed our little hearts out and woke up the next morning. We both felt really impressed to pass by her house which was weird because we knew her entire family had left that morning.
When we got there she and her family were there!!!! They said that their car was just broken when they woke up to leave that morning and so they canceled the trip! MIRACLE. She went to church with us later that afternoon and was confirmed with Matheus in sacrament meeting.
In this same sacrament meeting the Bishop had some one hand me a note  AFTER THE SACRAMENT that said "Talk about Music for 10 minutes". About 30 seconds after I got the note bishop got up and announced that our first speaker would be Sister Brown. WHA?
It worked out just fine (another miracle!) and I finsihed my time by singing "How Great Thou Art". I love performing and I love praising the Lord though music.
I love being a missionary. I love spreading this beautiful, happy knowledge that I have with my Brasilian brothers and sisters.
Have a lovely week, kneel when you pray, read the Book of Mormon and pray for the missionaries. We need it!
I love you!
Hugs and love and happiness from Fortaleza,
Sister Brown

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