Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sister jump-in-the-font Brown

 (week 10)
Wow, wow, wow. What a week.
I´m sitting in the computer shop right off the street writing this email. The sun is starting to set and color the sky, we´ve got some ocean breeze goin´ and they´re blasting"Summer Nights".  My life is happy right now.
Ooo bop bop. Ooo bop bopp. wooooo.
This week was so hard and also so lovely, so fast and so long. I will never have the ability to adequately describe missionary life...in english or portuguese.
So, remember Kariny? She was baptized last week. She spent this week teaching investigators with us EVERY day. She is incredible, truly incredible. We had one investogator who is 16 and pregnant and not really sure if she wants to be baptized. Kariny came with us this week to a lesson with her and she taught the lesson. We started talking about baptism and Kariny just took over. She was on fire. The investigator was saying that she wasn´t sure if she should be baptized, if she had a response to her prayers etc. Kariny just looked her in the eye and told her " You already have your answer. You know this is true." She answered and related to every problem of this young girl with incredible power and love. When we finished the lesson we were all in tears and coudn´t stop smiling. The investigator asked if she could be baptized that very day.
It was such a a beautiful experience to sit there and listen to this beautiful woman teach principles that I had taught only days before. She bore powerful testimony that she KNOWS the church is true. It´s an amazing thing to see the gospel changing people in the best way possible. Another recent convert that we baptized last month is blessing the sacrament every week, preparing for a mission and will baptize one of our other investigators next week.
Yesterday was Sunday and it was one of the craziest and also most spiritual days of my missions. We arrived a little late to sacramanet with our investigators just in time to hear the bishop announce that the sister would be giving talks. Awesome. Zero notice. We walked up to the stand and had about 2 minutes to prepare. I did something a little crazy.
I got up first, and said somethings along the lines of
"You all know I can´t speak Portguese very well but I have a strong testimony that I want to share with you today. I don´t have words in English or Portguese and so I want to sing my testimony for you today." Then I just started singing. I sang "Eu Sei que Vive meu Senhor" I know that My Redeemer Lives. The babies stopeed crying, the kids stopping fighting and all eyes were all on me. I sang my testimony and after somehow bore powerful witness in broken Portuguese that I know my savior lives. I was crying, everyone was crying and I will never forget that moment.
After the block we had a baptism of Luzinete- our 70 year old sweet as can be investigator. She´s so sweet and well....really old. The man baptizing her is well....weak haha. During the baptism he kind of well....let go of her in the water. Sister Ferreyra and I were standing by the stairs into the font during the baptism. I kind of well..... went in lifeguard mode and jumped in the font after her. haha It was hilarious but only because she didn´t die.
I never thought I`D enter the waters of baptism during my mission but there´s a 1st time for everything.
I love you all!
Thank you for all the letters this week!! Special shoutout to my amazing Mimi for the package!
hugs and love and kisses from Brazil,
Sister jump-in-the-font Brown

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