Friday, September 20, 2013

Week 4!

wooof. I have like 10 minutes to whip this email out.
I had such a great week! I can finally communicate and express myself in Portuguese. I´m by no means fluent and I sound like an uneducated homeless person when I talk but I can communicate! 
I love Brazil. I love Brazilians. We walk everywhere we go and ebery single day we have 3 or 4 random people that will just come up to us and say:
"Oh good morning my dears! You are lovely, lovely, lovely. God bless you."
This is not even a joke you guys. If you ever are feeling low on self esteem just take a quick trip to Brazil.

 Missionary work here is so unlike anywhere else. We literally have people stopping us on the streets and asking us to teach them. It´s crazy. We have to pray for the gift of discernment to know where to really focus our time. 

Story time
A couple of nights ago we were in a very humble area teaching an investigator. We were in the street saying good bye and trying to figure out how to leave because we had an old ladt that wouldn´t stop kissing our hands and telling us how much she loves us. 
All of the sudden a big police SUV drove up. They rolled down the window and beckoned for us to come over. They told us they wanted to give a ride to where ever we were going. We kindly thanked them and told them we were fine walking and went on our way. 
They proceeded to drive behind and escort us across town to our next apointment. ha. The Lord protects His missionaries...sometimes with police escorts. 
In other exciting news I got to play volleyball this week. We had a ward activity that we stopped at for a few minutes and it was lovely. I am learning how to play with my feet because they do that here. Way cool
Story time #2
I have no idea why I`m making this story public but whatevs YOMO (You only mission once, I´m hilarious)
So... The first few weeks of my mission had poor communication. My companions explained to me when I arrived that when we eat at members we need to eat a lot and have more than one plate and if not they´ll be offended. I have been STUFFING myself to the limit every single day. yesterday we had almoƧo at a professional chef´s house. We had this super rich dinner of pasta and rice and creamy chicken. I ate so much like always and thought I would die. 
After dinner, she brought out these HUGE bowls of thick strawberry cream. One for each of us. It had the equivalent of 5 chocolate costco truffles coverered in the sweetest strawberry syrup and cream. I ate all of it and I really thought I was going to die.
By some miracle I fit all of it in my stomach. After about 5 minutes I quickly asked to use to the bathroom, ran to the toilet and un-ate my meal. Aka I threw up all of my food. Awful, you guys. It was awful.
After we left I confessed what happened to my companions. They laughed and told me I´d misunderstood. People here don´t care at all if you eat all your food. It´s only important to repeat to show that you liked your food. They told me they´d been wondering how and why I was eating so much. haha
Sigh.... Now I know.

Last story. I love my companions. Communication at times is difficult because none of us REALLy know portuguese but it´s the only language we have to communicate since one of my companions is from Argentina. I started a new thing this week and it´s hilarious! My argentine comp loves learning English and so everyday when we are running a little behind I will dramatically say in portuguese 
"Oh no! Sisters we´re late! What should we do?"
Then Sister Figueredo will yell out the phrase in English that I taught her. This week she´s been yelling out in her cute spanish accent


Then we (only me) bust into fits of laughter.

it´s seriously hilarious

This week I´m teaching her to say "Let´s kick it into high gear ladies"
I love you all and I´m loving my time here as a missionary. 
Thank you for the prayers and letters and packages!

Sister Brown

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