Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Here We Go!!

What a week!
On Sunday I had my little farewell. It's FINALLY beginning to feel more real.....but only slightly. In just a few hours, I will be a real missionary!
I will be set apart as a full time representative of Jesus Christ! How cool is that?
I get to spend every moment of my life for the next 18 months just loving and serving people!
Also speaking Portuguese which still scares me.
There are still so many things that I don't and so many things I could have done to be better preparing (like learning Portuguese...bah!)
Despite my many, many inadequacies and weaknesses, I am completely worthy and willing to serve the Lord. I am completely ready and willing to turn every aspect of my life over to him.
What an amazing blessing and opportunity!
Let's also talk about how I have the greatest family and friends in the whole world.
I feel so supported and loved!
 I have so many remarkable people in my life and I'm so grateful that so many showed their love for me on this special day.
I'm so filled with gratitude for the people who took time out of their busy lives to support me in this new adventure.
Thanks to all who came to the talk or for food.
Thank you for the text and messages and cards and gifts.
Thank you for your love.
Thank you for your prayers.

I also just have to say that I have an unusually supportive and awesome extended family!
The Brown clan rocks!!
My darling 82 year old grandma flew in from Portland for today.
My life role model and beautiful cousin had brain surgery a couple of weeks ago.
She came to my farewell and brought her adorable family!
Every Brown family member who lives in the State of Utah was with me today.
I am a pretty darn lucky girl!

I am so excited.
Also I'm nervous. This is a completely new and scary thing!
I know it will be the most incredible, worthwhile, difficult, happy, exhausting thing I have ever done.
The gospel of Jesus Christ is restored on the earth today and I get to share the good news!!

Just a few of the awesome family members that came to support.

Easton's cutie pie sisters. These girls amaze me and I love them dearly!
Someday, (like in just over 18 months) they will be my sisters.

My Latter-day Voices family. These classy folks drove 4 hours to see me. I love each of them so much!!!
I love my grandmas!!

BFF's and cousins.
Brittany just graduated with her Master's from BYU and Kim Kim has the cutest baby boy.
Growing up is weird.

After everyone left,.
My cute mommy worked so hard! 

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