Friday, May 10, 2013

Sushi Virgins No More

You guys.
I ate sushi- real, honest to goodness, from a sushi place, sushi. Even more impressive is that I didn't die or throw up in the process, that's definitely worth noting. More on that in a moment.

You know those friends that you have that make you wonder how in the world you got so lucky to have them in your life? Well Miss Holly Robinson is one of those folks. We are the definition of kindred spirits slash actually it's just creepy how much of the same person we are.
 I don't think I've ever met someone who I have so much in common with. It's really a great thing that I know her because I think she's the only other person on the whole wide earth who truly understands how much I love Louis Armstrong and antique-ing and black and white movies and lipstick and glasses and all that stuff I like. I mean if you have to be born in the wrong decade,  it's quite nice to have someone else there stuck there with you.

Plus, she despises cottage cheese too.
She's a keeper.

 Back to sushi.

So, as it turns out, in addition to being a creepily, cooler version of me, Holly also had never tried real sushi. After a night of taking mission pictures (coming soon!), we decided to be brave, wanna be hipsters and take the sushi plunge.


Long story not short-
We ate it. It had red, baby fish eggs on top of it. (Who even thinks of doing that in the first place??).
Then they popped in Holly's mouth and she almost cried.

Naturally, we had to get Menchies after to reward ourselves (and to wash down the fish eggs, let's be honest).

Moral of the story- Don't get sushi with fish eggs cuz it's nasty-nast. BUT, if you do, make sure it's with a good friend so you can laugh at her as they pop in her mouth.



I think that's a pretty good fortune to get when you're planning on knocking doors for the next 18 months of your life.

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