Monday, March 31, 2014

March 24

Wow, where in the world did this week even go? Time is just racing right along and I´m not sure how I feel about that.
This week was lovely!! I am loving this new area. It has a ton of potential and the members are just great! We had like no one progressing in our teaching pool when we got here so we´re building a new one! It´s a lot of work but very rewarding! I love opening areas!
My new little companion is so green and so great! She is from Curitiba and 19 and has 3 older siblings who all served missions. She is sweet and cries a lot (don´t worry I´m taking really good care of her.) She is also really firey, SUPER smart and speaks english fluently. It´s going to be a great transfer. I really loving training because I always learn so much! I love reviewing and relearning all of the basic fundamentals that are so important. 
Let me tell you about some of my investigators. First off is Veronica. We found her this week when we were walking to a compromisso. We decided to knock her door and she let us in and we taught her! She is 60 and lives with her 3 kids and a TON of cats. Yuck. When we walked in it looked like the house had been invaded. We asked her how many she has and she said she has no idea because she lost track of 20. Seriously, you guys. 
Another investigator is Luiziane. She ahs 20 years and is awesome! She was a contact who helped us find our house one night when we were lost and had 3 minutes until 9:30. Don´t worry we sprinted home and made it in on time. She is great and came to church for the 1st time this Sunday. She loved it and we have a date for her to baptized April 5 if she has an answer that the church is true-which she will cuz it is! Woo! Prayers for her are appreciated. 
Church this week was inspiring! One irmã in the ward said something so profound and so simple: "You HAVE someone in your life to bring to church with you. So bring them!" This is my challenge for you this week. You HAVE someone in your life, be they inactve, less active or not a member. You absolutly know at least one person who needs you help to come to church this week. Do your part. Remember your baptisimal covenant and get out there and invite them! The gospel is true and so so happy. Share it!
I love you all! 
Sister Brown
Special shout out to Mama Hicken for the happy happy happy duck dynasty package. You know me so well; I died of happiness and showed everyone the picture of Andy being potty trained with his cowboy hat. I LOVE YOU!!

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