Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 3rd

How is the time flying so fast!!!
Every second passes faster and faster!
This week was great! We started teaching a new family that is reeeeally special
They went to church and LOVED it!!! The dad used to drink a lot and didn´t help his family a bunch. He never had interest in going to any church.
Then, one bright and shiny day we knocked on their door.....actually we just clap outside peoples houses... and lo and behold they love us and the church!
He has stopped drinking and cut his long curly hair and shaved all without us saying anything! We taught them a few times this week and they were excited all week long to go to church!
They loved the meetings and that night we visited them again and marked a date for them to be baptized! They are so special and cute and I love them so much! We´re going to try to teach their 4 adult kids this week too and help everyone get excited about the gospel.
We´re going to have their first family night with them tonight and watch a cheesy-ly wonderful church film. "Juntos Para Sempre". It´s a wild success down here.
The other family we are teaching is doind well! They also have made big big changes these weeks. They are saving money so they can get married and also be baptized.
We also started teaching a way cool guy named Joel. He was a referral from a member and we are way excited to be teaching him. He´s 21 and a manager at Mcdonald´s and way way cool.
(Funny side note. McDonald´s here is like way fancy and expensive.
Think Olive Garden.
 Weird....right? )
He has a lot of questions and doubts which makes us giddy! He has a lot of potential! He came to church on Sunday and then hung out in the chapel and participated in the choir that afternoon. Pray for him!!

I am so tired.
I have never been so tired in my life or thought it was even possible to be so exhausted. It is a wonderful feeling. We have literally been running several times a day to teach more people or pick people up for church or get home on time because we had to cram in just one more lesson....literally running... like not even jogging you guys.
I love my sweetie sweet companion sooooooo much. She is helping me be the missionary I always wanted to be. We laugh so hard and the spirit is always so strong in our lessons. Every day we are seeing miracles.
On Sunday afternoon after running (literally) a whole bunch a week long I was literally at my limit. My voice has been gone and if not gone only 1/2 there for 2 weeks, my whole body was aching weak and I had ZERO energy to even smile.
After making a few phone calls in the chapel, I asked if we could kneel down and pray.
I prayed and poured my heart out pleading the Lord to heal my tired body and give my energy to continue.
We got off our knees and went to work.
I donpt know how but I literally got a wave of excitement and energy. I was still exhausted but I truly felt the Lord carrying me. We went from the chapel to the new family we´re teaching and marked their baptism date. It was an amazing experience and I know the power of prayer is real.
I love this work.
I´m so glad I get to be a missionary with a nametag for 2 more weeks and a missionary of the gospel for the rest of my life.
I know my Savior lives and that this is His church.
Sister Brown
The pictures :
We saw brazilian santa twins. They said ho ho ho ho and wished us a "Feliz Natal"
The mommy and baby is a inactive member that we´re helping return. Her baby was blessed yesterday!!
My lovely darling companion Sister Lugen
This last one is from today. We´re downtown shopping and I ran into a guy we baptized in my last area!! He´s doing great and is preparing for a mission!!!

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