Thursday, November 14, 2013


Olá from Jardim América!
Last night, we received a phone call that Sister Fernelius and I would be leaving Rodolfo Teófilo. All four of us sat on the floor in the hallway and cried and ate chocolate for a good hour. It was awful and I was lacking a lot of faith. I couldn´t even imagine leaving this ward and our recent converts and investigators that I love so much. We packed our suitcases and cried and reminisced and then the 4 of us had a hammock sleepover and laughed our heads off the rest of the night.  
This morning we had transfers and I honestly could NOT be happier. It was so hard to leave but I am so excited to serve in this new area. It´s a really small area with a lot of success. I´m in the same stake and so I´ll stilll sometime be able to see all the people I love.
My new companheria is Sister Pereira. She´s Brazilian and an INCREDIBLE missionary. She only has 6 weeks here but she´s seriously amazing. She was baptized 4 years ago, is 19 and is gorgeous and loving and so happy. We´re ready to work hard and see miracles. For this week we have 9 possible baptisms.... This is going to be a great transfer. 
My last week in Rodolfo Teófilo was a great one. We were working with the brother of a recent converts in our ward. He has 16 years....that´s not normal in English.... He´s 16? Is that right? Ick I don´t know haha. Anyway, he´s incredible. We had invited him earlier to take the lessons but he never had interest. Then one day he started to attend seminary and everything changed. We started teaching him and he´ll be baptized next week!
It´s so amazing to see the gospel of Jesus Christ moving lives.
 We have been visiting and teaching our recent converts who were baptized last week. They are honestly not the same people. They all have this light and countenance that truly is markably different. It´s incredible and so real.
I love this work. I love feeling that I´m truly losing myself and my personal interests. I love feeling myself change into a better me. It´s a strange but true principal that when we´re focused on the needs and difficulties of others our personal needs and difficulties just fade away. 
I love you all! Thank you for the support and prayers and love.
Love and hugs and happiness from Brazil,

Sister I-love-being-a-missionary Brown

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