Monday, December 30, 2013

Dec 30, 2013

 Let's keep Megan in our prayers! That girl doesn't have great luck when it comes to sickness.
Hello, hello!
This week was lovely and so full of stuff.
I gave my first training this week and it went great. It was so weird to be teaching and giving feedback to Elders that had formerly been my leaders. I also did my first division with Sister Farthing. She´s a great missionary from Virginia. She´s super new on the mission and is still learning Portuguese. It was a neat experience to see how far I´ve come and how much HF has blessed me with abilities to teach and communicate in the past months. It was a great day and a great learning experience. I know that I´m going to get a lot more out of every division than I´ll ever teach anyone.
Our Vera is progressing SO much! She came to church with us this week and LOVED it! I think the program was written for her. It was seriously amazing. We`re excited to help her be baptized this week! We just need to help her stop smoking and stop praying to Joseph Smith. What a problem haha.She has such a testimony that the church is true and she´s going to be a wonderful memeber of the church.
My computer is shutting down so this week´s email is going to be super short.
In other exciting news I have an intestinal infection. How great. It´s been a great past three days. I´ve been walking the streets clutching my stomach in pain. I´m worried that people are going to thionk I`m pregnant. I love brazilian diseases. The work of the Lord moves on.
I know that this is the work of Lord. It is truly remarkable to see the gospel changing lives. I´m so madly in love with this work and being a missionary. I´m so grateful for all of your support and love and prayers.
Love, Sister Brown

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