Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 7th, 2014

Ok, ok, ok! First off I´m not dying. The doctors don´t really know if I had a intestinal infection because of something I ate or if I had worms or what. Thankfully, they treated all possible problems. I was taking 8 different medicines this week, got mandated to sleep for a day and went to the hospital twice, and had 3 IVs.  I´m happy to say that I´m starting to feel better.
I was thinking about it and I have had a 1 seriously annoying health problem every transfer of my misson.
1 Knee Surgery
2 Complications with mono
3 Eye Infection
4 Heart Problems
5 Brasilian Virus
6 Intestinal Infection
My mission president´s wife has a LOT of patience.
In other happy news, VERA WAS BAPTIZED! It was a TON of work for her to be baptized but she succeeded to stop smoking this week! The baptism was before church yesterday and was SO special! She was confirmed that night in sacrament meeting and bore a powerful testimony afterwards!  She is a new woman! Our wards just ate her up. Everyone loves her and she has such an amazing testimony. I know that she is going to be a wonderful member of the church.
Today in my studies I was reading "O Legado" I think its Our Legacy in Englsh. I was struck by just how strange our legacy really is. A 14 year old boy prayed in a forest, saw God and Jesus Christ, got called to be a prophet, found and translated gold plates and then organized a church. Wooof. Without the confirming witness of the spirit this would really be hard to believe. Then I thought some more. Of course it had to be different. Of course it had to be super miraculous! This was not some ordinary event. This was the work of God. I love how Elder Tad R Callister puts it:

Yet sorrowfully, on occasion, some are willing to set aside the precious gospel truths restored by Joseph Smith because they get diverted on some historical issue or some scientific hypothesis not central to their exaltation, and in so doing they trade their spiritual birthright for a mess of pottage. They exchange the absolute certainty of the Restoration for a doubt, and in that process they fall into the trap of losing faith in the many things they do know because of a few things they do not know. There will always be some seemingly intellectual crisis looming on the horizon as long as faith is required and our minds are finite, but likewise there will always be the sure and solid doctrines of the Restoration to cling to, which will provide the rock foundation upon which our testimonies may be built.
If someone turns from these restored doctrines, where will he go to learn the true nature of God as taught in the grove of trees? Where will he go to find the doctrines of the premortal existence, baptism for the dead, and eternal marriage? And where will he go to find the sealing powers that can bind husbands and wives and children beyond the grave?
Through Joseph Smith have been restored all the powers, keys, teachings, and ordinances necessary for salvation and exaltation. You cannot go anywhere else in the world and get that. It is not to be found in any other church. It is not to be found in any philosophy of man or scientific digest or individual pilgrimage, however intellectual it may seem. Salvation is to be found in one place alone, as so designated by the Lord Himself when He said that this is “the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth”
I know this is God´s church. I know my Savior lives and restored his only true and perfect gospel through the Prophet Joseph Smith. Joseph was just a man. HE as a man wasn´t that important but his calling and the things he did through the power of God are.
I love you all. Please take a minute today and think about your testimony of the Restoration of the gospel. If it´s lacking if you have doubts, that´s just fine. Pray and ask God for an answer. Only He knows everything.
SO SO SO much love,
Sister Brown

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