Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 9th

I ran out of time to send an email to everyone this week!! This is super sad because we had an incredible week!!!
We found a family that had already been taught by the missionaries on Thursday, Marked a date for baptism on Friday, interviewed them on Saturday and baptized on Sunday. Satan was working SOOOOO hard against us this week ans so it was incredible to see this all work out. This is sooo the work of the Lord!!
The day before this happened I had a little bit of a break down. We had a little encounter with 2 pastors that were trying to start a war with us. It was so dumb. They were convincing our investigators that we worship dead bodies inside of our chapels and a bunch of other dumb stuff. After this and a million other things that went wrong I just started uncontrobably crying when we were walking in the street. 
We stopped a member´s house to use their bathroom. I had to kneel down on the nasty dirty floor and plead for a miracle to stop crying and have peace. The rest of the night was still horrible but the next day was the start of our miracle with this new family.
I love being on the winning team! Take that satan! 
I love you all!! Rememebr that good and God ALWAYS wins.

Love, Sister Brown

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