Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 2nd

Hello!  I just have to laugh about everyones stories about snow. I forgot that it existed. Here, December and January are the hottest of all hot months. Wooo.
But, no fear, I am SO madly in love with my mission.Happy 6 months to me! I can´t even believe that I have less than a year left on my mission. Yuck, it´s going way too fast! I have like 7 moments or more every day when I just pause for a second and think "Wow, I am SO lucky!" I truly love being a missionary and I love serving in Brazil. I had a lot of experiences this week that have caused me to grow and stretch. These arent always fun feelings but I am learning to love them. I love feeling myself upgrading and better-ing. ´
This week we had 3 very happy baptisms! This was the week of member missionary work! All of the peoples that were baptized are friends of members! One of them, Messias, was extra special because he´s the fiancé of a member. It was so incredible to be a part in completing this happy family. It´s an amazing thing to feel that you´re helping to connect a family for eternity.  We sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" at the end of the baptism and we´re so excited to continue to prepare them to be sealed in the temple. ´

Yesterday, I got to talk with Kariny, a recent convert who I helped to be baptized in Rodolfo Teófilo my first area. She had to travel quite a ways but kept it a secret and suprised me after chruch. It just warmed my heart to talk to her and see how well she´s doing. It made me miss Rodolfo Teòfilo so much to hear about how every one is doing there. Elizabete, another recent convert will be having her baby any day now and Kariny told me that they all creid to together when I was transfered and the she´s planning on naming me as the God mother haha. Okay. Sadness and missing-ness aside it was so happy to have updates about all the people I left behind. 

My language skills are improving so much...english is impossible for me now and I´m still learning Portuguese. I tell people that I just donpt really have a language right now. 
One day, we were walking in the street and I stopped to talk with a woman and her kids. We started talking and a little later I asked her name. She said "Para casa" which translates to "to the house". I had a weird look on my face but said..."Oh, what a pretty name. It´s way different." Then she was confused by we moved on. We continued talking and I kept using what i thought was her name. 
"So, para casa, I know that Heavenly Father loves your family..."she expressed interest in us passing by later. I started to write her name in my planner and asked who she spells "para casa". Then she just started laughing and told me at the beginning of the conversation that she thought I asked where she was going. It was super funny and I have about a million other stories like it. 
I love you all so much! 
Thank you for your support and love and prayers.
To finish I want to share this quote that I love!
"True Christianity is love in action. There is no better way to manifest love for God than to show an unselfish love for your fellow men. This is the spirit of missionary work."
I know that this is the work of the Lord because this is the work of love. 

Sister Brown

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