Tuesday, December 10, 2013

November 25th

Wow. So usually I start off by saying how great this week was. I could start off by saying this week was lovely but I´m a missionary and I can´t lie. This week was totally blehhhh.
It started off great. Sister Pereira and I traveled to Centro for our Pday and ate at McDonalds.
"Yuck, Sister Brown. Why in the world did you eat at McDonalds? It´s totally trashy."
Okay, well because you see HERE McDonalds is super classy and expensive.
I know right? But it´s true. 
Anyway, so that was great fun and honestly it was so great to eat American, yucky greasy food. Beans and rice and chicken gots a little old after the 1st 100 times.
We got back to our casa and Sister Pereira was way sick. We called the Mission Pres wife and got advised to just let her sleep. We woke up the next day and I had an AWFUL headache. 
Long story short, we spent 2 days in the hospital doing tests and the rest of the week in bed. The hospital here is a little well...sketchy so now I have lots of good mission stories. They went as far as to do CAT scans on our brains. (I think that was a little overboard).It wasn´t really a super fun time but I really came to LOVE Sister Souza (mission Pres wife). We spent 3 hours one day in the mission office waiting for test results. I´m sure she had SO many things to do but she just sat there talking and laughing with us for the whole 3 hours. She is an angel.
As it all turns out I have a nasty sinus infection and we both also have a really strong virus. I´m taking 5 different medicines now so I think I´ll start to improve here soon. We´re still not completely over but I am SO sick (ha no pun intended) of not working. We´re going to try to start working again this week and pray for miracles. The other amazing thing that happened this week was that inspite of us nearly dying of some brazilian disease, we had a baptism! We had 0 lessons all week but a baptism. It was a miracle. His name is Eudes and he was being taught by other Sisters 6 months back. I really have no idea why he wasn´t baptized but it worked out that we baptized him this week. The Lord is so good and could really see our desires to work and be obedient in spite of our illness.
I love being a missionary. Thank you in advance for all your prayers in behalf our of health and don´t worry I´m not REALLy dying.

Sister Brown

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