Monday, March 31, 2014

February 24

I have never run so much in my life! It´s wonderful! We have so much to do and so little time! Sister Fernelius and I started running in the mornings so we can  be more in shape to run around doing everything during the day.
I am just absolutely loving life this transfer. Sister Fernelius and I have a goal to sing in every lesson. It´s wonderful and a great door approach. It´s way less threatening to ask someon if you can sing a hymn for them then "Hi, can we come in and talk to everyone in your family and change you life". It´s working out great and it makes every day a fun filled performance day. Sister F also has a super lovely voice so that makes it EVEN better. We are laughing our heads off every day at all the silly things we do and ridiculous things people say, singing our hearts out to random strangers and seeing miracles.
At the beginning of this week I was getting frustrated because I´m not having the same "success" here that I was having in my other areas. I was praying soooo hard to find the people I know the Lord is preparing. Then, about a day later we had a miracle!!!
This week we started teaching a family! Woo! And best of all is that they´re married. This alone is a miracle. Mom, Dad and four kids. 2 of which have baptism age. Oh that´s weird English huh? Oh well. Moving on.
They stopped attending a church 2 years ago and are looking for a new church to raise their kids. *enter "The Gospel Blesses Families"*
They´re worried about knowing how to help their kids avoid the evils of the world *enter Modern Prophet, Book of Mormon, YM and YW and every oter inspired organization*
The dad wants to know how to start a new life *enter baptism*
They are about as elect as they come. They came to church and loved it and we marked a date for them to be baptized in 2 weeks! Please pray for Familia Wagner!
I love you all and my time is up!
Read D&D 123:17
Sister Brown
ps we bought Brasil jerseys woooo!

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