Monday, June 23, 2014

May 12

My heart is just so happy! I LOVED talking with you guys yesterday! I have so much love in my heart for my wonderful family and I love helping other families develop that love! We successsfully marked a wedding date for Michelle and Luciano this week! It was a miracle how it all worked out. We are planning a wedding/baptism service for the 29th (which will be my 1 year mark, how cool is that??). It is amazing, absolutely amazing to see them becoming new people. One of the biggest testaments to me of the truthfulness of the gospel is the power it has to COMPLETELY change people. I love my front row seat!
We had a great baptism this week! Fabricio is a 17 old boy who is super super smart and comes from reeaally humble circumstances. He sells corn in the street after school to earn money to support his family. He is so humble and happy and it was a complete joy and honor to teach him about the restored gospel. He ate it up. I have a theory that he will be the 1st brazilian prophet. He is friends with the son of the young men´s president. We taught him there in the house of the president every night this week. On Sunday morning, the morning of the baptism his dad still hadn´t signed his form letting him be baptized. We prayed a TON and his dad miraculously decided to let him be baptized!It was yet another miracle!
We have been learning and praying a lot for charity and love as a companionship this week. Last night we did a street contact and met a man. He wasn´t anything super special but I had the strangest strongest extreme charity come over for this random man in the street. I had never met him and can´t even remember his name but it was a beautiful thing to feel just a tiny bit of Christ´s profound love for this man. Now, our goal is to have the same love for everyone we meet.
I love being a mission. I LOVE the gospel. I am wildly in love with this beautiful, dirty, loving, country. I love YOU!
Have a lovely week full of love!
Sister Brown
 ps- what the 21 on Thursday??? I´m soooo old!

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