Monday, June 23, 2014

May 19

What a great week! I LOVED the Birthday suprise! Thank you for all that participated :) Shoutouts:
Justin and Amy: you guys are hilarious and are going to be fantastic parents! I loved the pregnant photo:) 
Kristin, your girls are BEAUTIFUL and sooo funny. I DIED when Lucy said responded that I´m in outer space. Most days I think that I am. haha
Kimberly, Joseph is SOOO big. Cameron, your hair is enormous and I loved it haha
Mommy, you made me cry a little because I was thinking about the same Birthday memories all day before I knew you were too. 
Kels, maaann you make my heart melt adn your cute little team is adorable.
I loved ALL of them! Thank you so much to everyone that I didn´t mention. I love you all!!
This week was wonderful and soooo busy! I don´t even know how I´m still sane!
We had the baptism of Wagner on Saturday. He is a miracle. He found US one day on the street conrner and asked us to teach him. He had a dream one day a few weeks before where Christ told him that he needed to change and follow him. He started to move his life before he even knew about the church. He´s single, lives alone, and lives to surf. He completely changed his life, quit smoking, partying and drinking and started looking for a church. He visited a few but never felt good in them. Then one day on his way back from visiting a church he passed our chapel. He said (and I´m not exageratting one bit) that when he walked by he knew that he would be a part of this church and stay forever. Those are his own words. We taught him about the Restoration of Christ´s true church and he loved it. He started praying and reading the Book of Mormon and Bible everyday. He broke up with his old girlfriend and is ready to quit his job so he won´t ever have to work Sundays. Yesterday, after his confirmation, in Sunday School he raised his hand and talked about how he was so grateful to be a member of the true church and hos he knows it won´t be easy but won´t ever return to his other life. 
It was absolutely amazing. I love being used by the Lord to help people change. It´s so amazing to me over and over how the Lord can use such weak tools to do his perfect work. 
We had an amazing conference today with Elder Andersen! He came with some other church leaders to resolve some problems with the temple that´s being built here. We had the conference with our neighbor mission and it was an amazing experience to hear his testimony. He just knows-absolutely that Christ lives and he is acting as one of his apostles. It was an amazing experience to have him teach us. He did it all in Portuguese. Woohoo Elder Andersen. The spirit that he carries with him is real and undeniable. He said something so profound that I wanted to share. "The testimony we want to have can only be developed through years of obedience". 
I know this church is Christ´s. It is an honor to represent Him everyday. 
I love you all! Grow your testimony! Be odediente!!
Love, Sister Brown

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