Monday, June 23, 2014

June 2

This week was full of noticias! The craziness started Thursday with the wedding AND baptism of Michelle e Luciano! I really don´t know WHAT we were thinking planning both of them together! We had talked to the Relief Society on Sunday and asked them to throw a little food together for after the service. Super, everything was going great. Then Wednesday night, we called to confirm that everything was going right and the president said it was but that her conselheira was handling everything. 
Thursday morning, we woke up way early and went to the registry to perform the wedding with Michelle e Luciano. We barely got there in the right time because the bus system went on strike and the traffic was ridiculous!  Eveything worked out for the civil wedding and then we got back to our area and confirmed that everything would be fine for the wedding and baptism that night in the chapel.
Well as it turns out, the irmã had miscommunicated and had NOTHING, nada nada nada planned and had no time to do anything. We had already invited our investigators and all the family of Michelle and Luciano who aren´t members and so it fell onto our laps to do everything for the reception. 
We ran around the rest of the day and put everything in order and managed to preach the gospel too. 
I have no idea how, but everything worked out perfectly! I got to play the flute when Michelle, the bride, entered and the baptism was great! It was such a happy moment in my mission and my life. Their family has completely changed and they are in no way the same people that they were when we first met them. The night ended with Luciano clutching my hand and just looking deep into my eyes, with tears and sparkles in his and just saying "Thank you." 
Then we RAN ran ran home, leaving the chapel at 9:20 and starting to plan 9:28 for the following day. We literally ran as fast as we could to be obedient and get home in time because the church is like 6 blocks from our apartment. It was a day of miracles!
The rest of the week was a little less magical. 
I got sick. 
It started out as a cold a few weeks ago but just wasn´t going away. Then Saturday I called Sister Souza because I was having problems breathing. I spent the day in the hospital 
Had an IV took an Xray and as it turns out I have a lung infection (not SUPER serious) and I think bronchitas. I´m taking a bunch of medicine and the Doctor told me I can´t work until Wednesday. Boooooooo. Worst thing ever. 
In other news we had a transfer and I am now in the ward Maraponga! I am soooo excited! This is an incredibly great ward with amazing members! It´s going to be a great transfer! I was called to be a Sister Training Leader again and I am so excited to be able to grow and learn with the Sisters of our mission! They are amazing women and it´s a great honor for me to serve them. I ABSOLUTELY love my new companion! Her name is Sister Zeller, she is from Portland, Oregon (makes sense that she´s great!) and she is seriously amazing! She should be going home here soon but she extended so she´ll stay until October. She´s beautiful and, powerful and so sweet. We´re going to do miracles together! We´re opening and area and we´re also both way sick right now so we´ll be praying a lot. 
I love you all sooooooooo much! I´m so grateful for the prayers and love. I can feel it every single day! 
Keep being happy and serving the Lord!
LOVE from Brasil, 
Sister Brown

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