Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 21st

Yet another happy week of miracles.
I decided at the beginning of this week that I want to really finish my mission sprinting to the finish and with a bang of spirituality. I started thinking about how I could do that.
I decided that it all starts with my thoughts.
On Tuesday, I prayed and made a promise with God that I would only let my mind think about the gospel and my investigators until Monday (today).  
It was so hard the first day. I´m not saying that before that I never thought about the work or I let my thoughts wander to the United States all day but I made a firm commitment that morning or night, I would only think about missionary work.
By the second day it was easy!
This week we had so many miracles and I know that I was blessed because of my "sacrifice".
This week we started teaching a woman named Regina and her children. She´s a single mom and has been through a LOT. She has a beautiful spirit and everytime I look at her I see a future ordinance worker in the temple. She´s amazing. I loved her dearly from the first time we met her.
One day, after our 2nd lesson with her we were getting ready to walk our the door and I asked her the famous missionary question.
"Do you have anything we can do for you?"
I´m so used to everyone saying no, but this time it wasn´t the answer.
This beautiful woman looked down at her feet, with tears of embarassment in her eyes and said
'Sister, we don´t have ANY food in our house."
My heart completely broke!
I didn´t even know what to say! I told her to pray and ask for a miracle and that Heavenly Father would provide and we left.
We went to our next appointment to teach the nonmember son of a sister in the ward but the only thing I could think of was Regina and her 2 little children who hadn´t eaten in who knows how long.
I was obviously sad and when we got to the house of the member, who also is passing through rough stuff fianncially, I told her what had happened.
She took a breath, looked in my eyes and told me not to worry.
She then started to gather food from her cupboards (which didn´t even have very much) and put food in a bag. She sent her husband to the market and he came back soon with even more. She then accompanied us to Regina´s house and delivered the food.
My heart was so happy and I thougt that was the end of it.
We continued working for the rest of the day and on our way home that night, one of the sisters from the ward found us in her car. She told us she had been driving around the streets looking for us because she had heard about the mom who didn't have food and had some things to give to her that a bunch of women in the ward had put together. We had never even talked to the sister about the situation let alone asked for her help! It was amazing!
We went back to Regina´s house with her again and delivered several overflowing bags of food. When we got there Regina told us that she had been visited several times through out the day with members bringing her food and clothing.
I was overwhelmed.
I was almost in tears for the rest of the night. The women of the church are AMAZING! Everyone was so anxious to help. The flow of food and clothes continued for the rest of the week and Regina is now doing much better!
She is so excited about the church. She is devouring the Book of Mormon and has already started family daily scripture study and prayer with her children.
She will be baptized with her 8 year old son this Sunday.
The church is true. 
We found so many amazingly prepared people this week! We had a record number that came to Sacrament meeting and 8 people with solid baptism dates. The Lord is so good to us!
Sandra and her family are doing great! We taught the Law of Chastity to her and her husband and they are planning to get married (after living together for 30+ years) and be baptized with their boys! She came to church again with one of her sons, Romo, and loved it! We haven´t taught the husband very many times and last night when we finished our lesson he didnpt want to pray. His 8 year old son Romo who is SUPER excited to be baptized told his dad
"Dad, don´t worry. I will whisper in your ear and you can just repeat what I say"
He then proceeded to whipser a beautiful prayer which his dad repeated. It was a beautiful missionary moment.
On sunday we also had a visit from Kariny, who I helped be baptized at the beginning of my mission. She is so special to me! She´s firm and happy and loving being a member of the church.
I love this work.
I´m learning more and more every day what it means to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength. There is nothing that brings happiness and blessings like missionary work.
Have a lovely week and remember that someone (ME!) in Brasil loves you!
Sister Brown

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