Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 14th

Well, this week Brasil kind of went into a depressive haze. Seriously.
It got a lot better when Argentina didn´t win the world cup but everyone is still a little mopey. 
Oh futebol
Besides soccer games ,this week was good!
We made some great progress with familia Roberio (remember when I cleaned up the beer fest?).
I did another crazy Sister Brown thing. 
On Sunday, one of the teen age boys (from the Roberio family) didn´t want to wake up to go to church. 
so....I kind of stole his blanket and dumped ice water on him until he got out of bed and got dressed. We´re totally buds and he loved it so don´t worry. 
This family is bringing out the crazy side of me!
We are working really hard to find the elect families that HF is preparing to be baptized in this area. The problem is that none of them are married legally and here it´s kind of a long process to get married. I know there are elect, married families out there waiting for me to find them!!
Small miracle of the week. Yesterday, we were walking in the street and I saw one of my old investigators Leo from like 4 transfers ago. It was so weird because I had literally been looking at a picture I took with them 2 days earlier and thought "Wow, I sure would have liked to teach them more and helped them be baptized before I was transfered."
I talked to him when I saw him in the street, and it turns out they moved here last week to my new area!
 The wife, Jessica, had been saying that very day that she wanted to find the Mormon church here in their new neighborhood. True story.
We went there that afternoon and they had gone to church in my old area where they moved from. I talked to Jessica´s mom who lives there that I had never met and it turns out she too has interest to learn more about the church because HER SON is on a mission. It was so cool. I know that refinding this family was an answer to an Elder´s prayers to help his family find the gospel.
We´ll teach Jessica and Leo more this week but please pray for them!
I love you all soooo much!
I KNOW this is the Lord´s work and that He always has a perfect plan that we need to trust. His timing is perfect.
I love you!
Be wonderful!
Sister still crazy Brown

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