Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 8th

This week was field with fun things!
First things first.
he is perfect. He´s a military man and knows how to lead but he is aso one of the most Christlike and loving people I have ever met. He´s from São Paulo, 58, convert to the church and has 5 grown children who stayed in São Paulo. Sister Bonini is equally wonderful. She´s the sweetest most loving cuddy person ever. She gives the best hugs. I seriously love them. They are exactly what our mission needs. His theme is to start with the end in mind. We are focusing a lot more onthe temple and doing quality work. He is incredible.
The training that Sister Zeller adn I gave was amazing! Not because of us, but because Heavenly Father is really good to us. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. The training will now be passed on the mission in general and we´ll reteach it to another group this week. 
We are teaching a really special family named Familia Roberio. They have 5 children and we´re teaching 3 of them. The kids are going to church and liking it a lot. We taught the Restoration to them this week and at the end we invited the parents to pray and ask if thisis the true church. They said they didn´t need to because "God is aready giving us an answer in our hearts that this is the true church". 
We marked a date for them to be baptized adn a of them accepted. 
We taught them every day this week adn sady Saturday night we found the dad drinking in the street with some buddies. 
I went into crazy Sister Brown mode. haha
We went inside and found the mom crying. Then I ust new what to do. We said a prayer, gave her a hug, and went out to round up the dad. I made him clean a of the beer up and throw it away. He was way drunk. 
I made him send everyone home and told him to go take a shower and go to bed. All of the wives of the men that were drinking were so impressed and loved it. After when we were eaving a few of them asked me "what church are you from???". it was a happy missionary moment. 
Sunday, we had a milion problems with our investigators going to church. It was so frustrating. No matter hw much time I have onthe mission it will always be hard for me to see people using their agency to break commandments. Heavenly Father has sooo much patience! 
I learned this week that even if my investigators won´t learn and apply the lessons I´m teaching, at least I WILL. 
2 more happy stories, 
This week on the 4th of July, Brasil had a soccer game. We aren´t alowed to leave during the games so we had a little 4th of July party. 
Sister Zeller and I are nuts. We took a bunch of silly pics. My computer is annoying and not working so I´ll send them next week. We made appe pie and bbq chicken and watermelnon
Other story, I met a 75 year old man with a HUGE record collection this week. he quicky became my best friend and gave me......a BING CROSBY AND ROSEMARY CLOONEY duet record. I died.
Iove you all!!!
Sister BRown

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