Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30

I tried on a small pair of printed skinny jeans today they fit me. Thanks to brasilian diseases and a new way of eating, I´ve lost a lot of weight ha.

Anyway, they pants were lovely and I bought them. Why? I still don´t know because I´m a Sister but whatever.

In other news, this week was lovely!

We worked sooo hard and talked with SO many people. We started this week with a small teaching group with little potential and ended it with SIX NEW FAMILIES!!! They are all wonderful and have soooo much potential! 3 of them had at least 1 person in church this week and we are planning on marking baptism dates with all of them this week! The work of the Lord moves on, folks!

I am loving this area and the ward and the sisters here and everything! We are going to have a lot of miracles and baptisms next transfer!

We had a very sad and also life moving conference this week. Presidente e Sister Souza are no longer here. The conference was to say goodbye to them. It was full of crying, lots of life counse, and lots of me singing! It was honestly a little stressful. I helped put together 2 musical numbers and the last second (literally 15 minutes before the conference started to do another.

(Mom, do not judge me in the video! It wasn´t really a quartet, it was my solo with them accompanying, also I´m sick, also I didn´t warm up, also I was crying. I didn´t even see the video that guy sent you.)

We learned so much. They both told their conversion stories and the missionary that found and baptized Sister Souza was THERE! Sooo cool. They all talked a ton about marriage and that was kind of weird but apparently inspired or something haha. I am going to miss them sooo much.

We have another conference to get to know President and Sister Bonini this Wednesday. Sister Zeller and I were asked to give a training that will be passed on to the mission for a leadership training that will take place right after the conference. We´re a little way nervous because it´s a huge honor to give a training in a leadership conference but a huge stress when it´s the 1st one with our new presidente. Pray for us. haha

I love this work with all my heart. I know it is true. I know repentence is a real power. Remember that the Lord will literally not remember our sins if we truly and correctly repent of them. We need to let Him forgive and forget. We also need to forgive and forget ourselves. We are all imperfect and there is no one on the earth who doesn´t need to be cleansed throught the perfectness of  Christ. Be kind and patient with the imperfect people around you, including yourself.

I love you sooooo much!!

Love, Sister I-bought-pants-today Brown

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