Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23

Well, I´m just annoyed. I finally took the time to write a good email and my computer  ate it and it´s gone.
Oh Brasil.
Bad news,
Sister Zeller is no longer my companion. :( It´s great to be a leader and have Presidente trust you but it´s not great when he decides to emergency transfer you from your dream companion to help other seriously struggling Sisters.
We still live in the same house and work in the same ward and we´ll be together for Training meetings and leadership meetings and divisions...but still.
I love her and we´ll be BFFs literally forever so my life will probably go on.
My new companion is Sister Pinche from Peru. She´s suuuuper short and so sweet!
Other Bad news...Presidente and Sister Souza are leaving this week and we´re getting a new president on Friday.
I feel like my parents are leaving me and putting me up for adoption...
Maybe that´s a little melodramatic but it´s truuuuue. I completely love them.
For those unpatriotic Americans of you who didn´t know, the Soccer World cup/ Copa do Mundo is going on this month. For those of you who didn´t know Brasil is passionately in love with soccer. During all of the games we have to stay inside our apartment and it´s soo annoying. Also, Fortaleza is a  host city so we have to be careful when they have games here too. It´s making life really exciting. The entire everything is showered woth green and yellow and everyone wears flags and paints there faces and it´s crazy. The city completely stops during the games and even in our apartment with the windows closed we can hear everyone in the entire city yelling and setting off fireworks and cheering. I love Brasil so much.
We had a SUPER special baptism this week of Bruno e Felipe! They have been receiving the missionaries for months and months and just waiting for someone to help their parents let them be baptized. It was a complete miracle that Heavenly Father helped us suceed!
BOTH sets of parents were there at the baptism and they all felt the spirit strongly during the baptism- they all had tears in their eyes and it was just sooo special! There were so many members there supporting and everyone is bubbly and happy.
They were confirmed and received the priesthood the next day and are already doing visits for the all the cute oldies and less actives in the ward. They are SO amazing and SO so so special to me! They already are planning to serve missions and have SUCH bright futures. I love them! We are working with their familes now and have 2 new baptism dates for their brothers and sisters.
Last story, we got attacked by a cockroah AGAIN this week. I freaked out because my little companion has zero fear of them and just picked it up and was like walking around the apartment with it. EEEEW right? Then she smashed it. EEEW. Included is a picture with a few of my reactions. I was hyperventilating.You´d think that by the last part of my mission I´d be used to them...but no. I still hate them.
I love you all soooo much!
My mission is passing WAY too fast! I just want to use every single second to find, teach and baptize the people that HF is preparing. I hope you all are remembering to put the Lord as the 1st priority in your lives. It is the only way to find true happiness.
I love you!
Love and happiness and futebol excitement from Brasil,
Sister Brown
my pneumonmia is finally starting to get better! keep praying!

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