Monday, June 23, 2014

June 16

Well, another week down folks.
This one was bit of a downer. It included a whole bunch of hospital and doctor visits and being prisoners in our house and taking a bunch of medicine. 
We are finally starting to get better! Yay!
We managed to teach.............2 lessons this week. HA. 
Both of them were incredible. In oour very limited working time we managed to mark 5 baptism dates with wonderful people! 
2 of them will be baptized this Saturday! Felipe and Bruno are cousins and amazing! You know how everyone always says that on their missions they found people that were waiting "just for them". I feel that way about these boys. They have passed through 3 sets of missionaries and no one was able to get their parents to let them be baptized. We worked and prayed and schmoozed and taught with the spirit and both sets of previously very closed minded parents decided to let their sons finally be baptized and completely support them in a church that wasn´t their own. MIRACLES!
They now call us the "Sisteres abençoadas"/ blessed sisters. haha It was all the Lord´s doing but it feels SO good to be used by Him. 

Have I every mentioned that I LOVE being a missionary?

I completely adore my sweet companion. She is amazing. We are best friends and have plans to be forever. She´s easily one of my very very favorite companions.
As we say everyday:
"Nothin bonds ya with someone like coughing up green mucus together."
it´s true haha 
Stinkin pneumonia. 
I am falling more and more in love with this work everyday. I know that this is God´s restrored church on the earth. I know He loves you and I do too. 
Sister Brown

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