Monday, September 8, 2014

August 13th

Well, hello!
My time is SUPER short today!
This week was great.
That´s mostly true.
We had a WONDERFUL zone conference this week that changed my mission! Our new Presidente is phenomenal! His whole focus is the temple and doing quality work. The 1st Pres made a lovely change to Preach My Gospel this week and we now have to teach one more lesson berfore baptism. It´s a lesson about Enduring to the End and Temples and eternal families. I love belonging to the church that receives divine instruction! I learned so much and I am more excited than ever to find the families that HF is preparing for His true gospel and to teach them about the temple!
The very next day we had a leadership council that was equally life/mission changing! We learned and talked a lot about leading like Christ and the differences in the way that the Lord views leadership in comparison to the world. It was lovely!
The week was going great and our recents converts and investigators were progresing nicely and then suddenly last night, my world came crashing down.
Our dear sweet Regina received a visit from the pastor in her old church and is now ready to leave the church. She´s starting to doubt all of her spiritual answers that she received that this is the only true church and forgetting how wonderful and special her baptism is.
Yesterday I cried more than I have in a long time. Today I´m feeling better and more hopeful but still a little heartbroken. PLEASE pray for her and her sweet family!
I want to leave you with the words of Elder Holland

When problems come and questions arise, do not start your quest for faith by saying how much you do not have, leading as it were with your “unbelief.” That is like trying to stuff a turkey through the beak! Let me be clear on this point: I am not asking you to pretend to faith you do not have. I am asking you to be true to the faith you do have. Sometimes we act as if an honest declaration of doubt is a higher manifestation of moral courage than is an honest declaration of faith. It is not! So let us all remember the clear message of this scriptural account: Be as candid about your questions as you need to be; life is full of them on one subject or another. But if you and your family want to be healed, don’t let those questions stand in the way of faith working its miracle.
Sister Brown

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