Monday, September 8, 2014

August 18th

This week was so full of miralces!
First happy happiness- REGINA IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We didn´t visit her this whole week to just give her a little time. We prayed and fasted and worried a lot and Saturday a bishopric member who is just amazing went to visit her. He called us later and told us she´d be going to church the next day and that it went really well. He hasn´t told us much more of the story other than that he was there for more than an hour and that she cried a lot and he gave her a priesthood blessing.
 We went to visit her later that day and it was sooooo happy. Islana the 5 year old daughter came running and attacked us with a huge hug and cried "I´ve missed you sooo much!" Regina gave us huge hugs and we just went in and sang for her. We sang probably 3 hymns and were getting ready to go and she asked us to stay and sing more. She was hungry for the spirit!  We stayed and sang and at the end she got teary eyed and asked us for forgiveness. She went to church the next day and loved it! Everyone just attacked her with love.
The same day that we revisited Regina we were going to another visit when we met a girl in the street named Erika. She asked us what church we were from and we told her and asked her if she went to a church. She said "No.... but I have ALWAYS wanted to."
 We asked to teach her right then.
We went in and sat down and got to know her. We felt impressed to teach her about baptism. As it turns out she´s way shy but loves the Bible and really wants to follow Christ but doesn´t know how. We invited her to be baptizd and she accepted!  It went great and at the end of the lesson she gave the last prayer and said "You know that I´ve been praying the last 2 days to find someone to help me go tochurch and be baptized.Thank you for sending these 2 sisters to help me. "
It was amazing! She went to church on Sunday and we´re helping to prepare her to be baptized here soon.
We also started teaching one of our ex- investigators that was almost baptized because he showed up at church on his own. MIRACLES! He´ll be baptized this Satuday with Felipe another miracle.
Oh how cute. 2 of our recen converts just passed by and talked to us
I love missionary work. Seriously a whole ton a lot
I LOVE this gospel and I love you!
Sister Brown

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