Monday, September 8, 2014

August 25th

I love you all and miss you a bunch
! I can´t believe how fast my mission is passing! I´m down to 12 weeks! :(
Boo. I have so many other happy pictures that I want to send you! I´ll ask our bishop to send them for me later today. I´ve never really expressed to you how much I LOVE the members here in Maraponga. They are amazing! They love the sisters. We live on the first floor of our apartment building and there are 3 other young member families that live there too. One of the families is the Bishop´s family. He´s only 33, super firey and organized and by far the best bishop I have ever met here in Brazil. I LOVE his family. He has 3 kids younger than 8 and we see them everyday because their parking space for their car is right outside our window that we always leave open. I love Maraponga sooo much.
So good news. We had transfers today and I`M STAYING IN MARAPONGA!!!!!!!!!
I am SOOOO happy!!!! I really thought I would be transferred and I was already saying "goodbye" to everyone. We received and email today and as it turns out I´ll be training!
I´m a little nervous to have to responsibility to train a new Sister and also be a Sister Training Leader AND take care of all of our recent converts and investigators but I know this transfer was very inspired and that the Lord will help me. I´ll definitely need His help.
I´m very excited that I´ll be finishing my mission training and staying in Maraponga.
Other happy news- Sister Zeller will also be staying and finishing her mission here. I´m SOOO excited that I can continue to learn with her! She´s an amazing missionary.
This week was amazing!
 We had the baptisms of our little Gustavo AND Felipe. They are both so so so special and both baptisms were miracles!
Gustavo is 11 and the brother of another Felipe that we helped be baptized last transfer. Felipe baptized him- it was his first time baptizing anyone and it was so so so special! Their mom, who doesn´t have a whole lot of interest in the Church, cried and everyone felt the spirit.
The baptism of Felipe (not the same Felipe) was also baptized on the same day. He is amazing and has SO much desire to change his life. He has made a LOT of changes in his life to start to prepare for the temple and to live more in harmony with the Lord. He has SO much desire to change and it´s been a huge priveldge to teach him.
Both Felipe and Gustavo were so prepared and have so many friends in the church. It´s a wonderful feeling to do quality missionary work.
I love this work SO much.
I never have time to tell you everything I want to.
I want to just express quickly my love for the Livro de Mormon. I´m reading along with all of you (how is your challenge going?) and I was reading a whole bunch of Alma. I love it!

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