Sunday, November 9, 2014

October 7th

Dear family,
First things one told me Kimberly is pregnant!! (Booo, tell me things!) YAY! more Brown babies to love! I´m so happy!!
What a week!
To be honest, I´m emotionally (and I think physically too) exhausted. This transfer has been a ton of work. I thought that we would be having some changes with the new transfer but I´m happy to say that I´ll be staying and finishing my misison in the Maraponga ward that I love so much!! I´ll be finishing the training of Sister Santos and I know that I am going to learn sooo much. This transfer has helped me find and discover a lot of my personal weaknesses. I feel like last transfer I started a deep cleaning project. The last few weeks I´ve been pulling out everything from under my bed and now will be the time for me to organize and sort and put everything in order. This is going to be a great transfer and I´m so excited to give everything I have to the Lord and sprint to the finish line.
Conference was incredible. increcible, incredible, incredible
Before the conference, I wrote down 6 big life questions that I needed God to answer for me- and boy did He ever! Every session was a flow of personal revelation. It was truly an amazing experiece! ALL of them were boldly and clearly answered and I received answers to questions that I hadn´t even perceived that I needed to answer. I am SO grateful to know that we have a living prophet on the earth today. What a special knowledge. Growing up in good ol´Utah, singing "We Thank Thee Oh God For a Prophet" was second nature. As a missionary living almost in another world, I have come to know for myself just how weirdly unique and wonderfully assuring it is to KNOW that God has His mouth on the earth. We know His will for us. God has not abandoned us or left us without a guide, nor will he ever.
I want to invite you to take Elder Andersen´s challenge and record the testimony of Joseph Smith with your own testimony and to listen to it. I hope you accept and follow through with my invitation!
This week I finished the Book of Mormon! wooohooo. It was my first time reading cover to cover and really studying it all in Portuguese. It was a great experience and I´m excited to start again. I rewarded myself and bought some cool scpripture covers.
Our investigators are progressing nicely. This week we worked in 2 areas as a trio with another Sister so we didn´t have very much time to work. We are going to focus a lot on finding new families that we can help during the transfer. Please pray that this week we can find these families that the Lord is preparing.
I love this work. I love growing and changing even though it´s not comfortable or pain free. I love this Gospel and my Savior that I am striving to represent through my word and action.
Be wonderful!!
Sister Brown

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